Scandinavian Interiors

Isn’t it true that all of us just want to go back to a warm welcoming home, which restores positivity in us, and a de-cluttered well–planned space that creates a productive environment and influences our lives and well being. ...

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Box of Crayons

Sorry it took a while to come back to writing. Though I couldn’t spend much time pondering on my next topic, I had decided whatever it would be about, it couldn’t be heavy gyan… Doing interiors is an enjoyable activity, so it has to...

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Interior design and Myth around it

Since it is my first blog, guess its time for introductions ???? I’m Bharati Rastogi, an interior designer based out of Gurgaon running an interior design company ‘1pointsix18’ along with my Architect husband- Adesh Garg. It is 13yr old company, which has grown from a simple...

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